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Symantec: Targeted attacks rife, unified protection to the rescue

18 Feb 2015

Small and medium businesses today are key targets for attackers, accounting for 61% of all targeted attacks in 2013. Targeted attacks campaigns also increased by 91%.

These new threat trends call for a new way of defining security: Unified Protection. This unique concept by Symantec can be encapsulated in the following way: 3 -1 ≠ Unified Protection.

Customers today need all three security constants – intelligence, solutions and people – to work together for comprehensive protection. The lack of even one constant will expose them to targeted attacks.

With Symantec, become your customers’ trusted security advisor by offering all three:

  • Intelligence on new and emerging threats, such as zero-day malware and watering-hole attacks
  • Solutions with the flexibility to deploy security that meets current and pressing business needs
  • People who are adequately informed to uphold their organizations’ security, instead of introducing vulnerabilities due to negligence.

To help your sales of our core security solutions worth even more, Symantec offers for every new license of Endpoint Protection or Endpoint Encryption 10% of the deal value as a cash reward - that’s up to US$1,000 per deal!

Read the T&C’s here.

In addition to that, you can take advantage of up to 35% off Endpoint Encryption or the Endpoint Encryption + Endpoint Protection promotional bundle from your preferred distributor.

Discover Unified Protection and how it can work for you and your customers today. For more information on marketing resources, incentives and promotion, download your security partner toolkit here.