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Symantec’s cloud storage foray falls flat on its face

04 Jun 2014

Symantec is shutting down cloud storage service Norton Zone access within 30 days, deleting as files within 60.

A cloud file sharing and online backup tool service operated by the security specialists, the Norton Zone experiment has failed to take off following its launch in May 2013.

“Symantec has made the decision to discontinue Norton Zone and we will wind down our support of this service over the next 30 to 60 days,” an email to Norton Zone users states.

“At Symantec, we continually scrutinize our portfolio to make sure we’re delivering innovative solutions that captivate our customers and give you the most value.

“In reviewing the Norton Zone service, we looked at competitive solutions available today, our differentiation, and how well we addressed your emerging needs.

“While Norton Zone is an innovative, new offering, it is not yet solving your needs fully.”

According to Symantec, users will have access to files for the next 60 days.

After July 7, 2014, users will still be able to access files but only from a Windows or Mac computer, not any mobile devices.

During this time, users will only be able to access and copy files but not use any other feature of Norton Zone, like sharing.

After August 6, 2014 all files and related data, like file names, will be permanently deleted from the service and neither the users nor Symantec will be able to access them.

“This is a critical step in ensuring your privacy but it means you must be sure to copy all data out of Norton Zone before August 6, 2014,” the company adds.

Thanking users for being a ‘Zoner’, Symantec support can be found via email at