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Synnex "Bring Down The Wall Party" a success

24 Sep 2012

Synnex held their "Bring Down The Wall Party" on Friday night, celebrating the company's Auckland expansion as well as their 7th year in business.

Over 250 guests attended the event as the IT distributor enjoyed a birthday evening which included a spit roast dinner, a very popular Mr Whippy van and live band 'Club Nerd' playing until the early hours.

After expanding into the neighboring building, doubling the footprint of their Auckland logistics centre in the process, Synnex country manager Richard Harri led from the front, opening the party with a slightly different address to normal.

"It is quite unusual for me not to have a PowerPoint to talk to - so hopefully this won't make my welcome address Powerless and Pointless!," Harri says.

"Tonight is a very special night for our company.

"It marks both our 7th birthday in New Zealand and we also celebrate the removal of the wall, that stood here (point), earlier this week!

"It's official our neighbours Stanley Tools have "left the building" and we have now doubled our building size.

"The growth that Synnex has sustained over the past 7 years has been a very exciting time for us all.

"I would like to assure everybody here tonight that we appreciate you, we appreciate your business and as we continue to grow we will not lose our focus on delivering the service and support you require and deserve."

The move sees Synnex, currently riding a wave of success in New Zealand, double the size of its Highbrook premises in Auckland as the company continues its growth path within the country.

The local operation recently recorded an 831% increase in profits after tax, with revenue up just over 22% for 2011.

Harri, founder of the company in 2005, acknowledged the turn around in fortunes of the young firm but showed a determination to stay grounded in the future.

"As a company, Synnex has grown from a start up, having to search out customers and ask vendors for distribution rights, to now have customers approach us and vendors knock on our door," he says.

"This has been a great transition and it is truly humbling to see what we have achieved as a team.

"My commitment to you is that as a company we will remember our beginnings and won't become an organisation that sees itself as arrogant or more important than our customers, thinking that partners are replaceable as "there are plenty more fish in the sea."

"Synnex NZ is a company that will stick to our knitting and get on with getting the job done."

The full photo set of the party will be available in the next issue of The Channel