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Synnex to celebrate birthday in style

Synnex New Zealand will celebrate its seventh birthday this week, with a party which will literally ‘bring down the walls’.

Richard Harri, Synnex country manager says the company, currently riding a wave of success in New Zealand, will double the size of its Highbrook, Auckland, premises as it expands into the neighbouring property. The premises house both Synnex’s offices and its warehouse, with the expansion indicative of the company’s growth path.

The local operation recently recorded an 831% increase in profits after tax, with revenue up just over 22% for 2011.

Harri, who set up Synnex New Zealand in 2005 after stints with Tech Pacific, Ingram Micro and 3Com, says it’s been a good year for growth for Synnex, with additional investment in staff, particularly around product management and brining new vendors on.

“And we have no plans to outsource any of our operations internationally,” he quips, alluding to news reports that a key competitor is looking to outsource some administrative positions to the Philipines.

“At the moment our strategy is not to be jack of all trades and master of none. We have might have two to three competing vendors within a category, but some take all they can and that doesn’t bode well for the vendors, or for the resellers.

“The sales teams have too many products to learn about and can’t provide the right information or give the rightadvice.

“Our skill is being able to provide the advice as well and provide more value that way.”

Harri says the doubling of the premises footprint will leave the company poised for growth, though he notes that that growth is ‘consistent and well managed’ with head office not liking surprises. “We invest before growth.”

The company’s portfolio includes Lenovo, Netgear, D-Link, Eaton, Kingston, HP, Microsoft and Western Digital.

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