23 Oct 2014
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T.A Macalister dumps distribution

Camera and accessory importers and distributors T.A Macalister has said goodbye to the distribution side of their business, claiming there is no money to be made.

Macalister recently opted out of distribution of Nikon and Lowepro, handing the agencies back to Lacklands.

A 20 year partnership between T.A. Macalister and Lowepro came to an end on September 30, with Lacklands taking up the mantle. With Macalister, New Zealand had the highest sales of Lowepro bags in the world per person.

The company originally specialised in pharmaceutical products, and today imports and distributes a wide range of products, such as Nikon, Lowepro and Dylon, which cater to a variety of retail sectors in the New Zealand market.

The Macalister Group has been in business for 80 years and is the longest known distributor of the Nikon brand.

A source says the company’s board of directors decided to exit distribution given the low returns. Parallel importing was also cited as a factor, as was Nikon Australia, a cornerstone brand, being ‘a difficult client’.

The move is a continuation of the consolidation seen in the distribution market in recent times, with Dicker Data buying Express Data, and the increasing pressure placed on distributors by cloud.

Excluding the distribution unit, the company continues to run all other aspects of its business.

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