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Tableau announces raft of integrations and offerings

Tue, 19th Nov 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Tableau Software, the analytics platform, is releasing integrations and new offerings from featured technology partners including Alibaba, Alteryx, Databricks, DataRobot and others, that extend the capabilities of the Tableau platform.

With new native connectors and featured integrations that leverage Tableau's Hyper engine and Metadata APIs, technology partners are extending the Tableau platform and offering customers deeper functionality across key areas like advanced analytics, data management, data science, predictive analytics and more.

“We are building an open and extensible platform that enables our partners to build solutions for our joint customers that leverage the full power of Tableau,” says Tableau chief product officer Francois Ajenstat.

“We're thrilled to see the partner ecosystem expanding, giving customers the most choice and flexibility to solve their unique needs.

Integrations include:

Alibaba Cloud releases native connectors to Tableau – China's leading public cloud provider is helping customers connect to all the data they need as efficiently as possible, no matter where it resides. Tableau 2019.4 introduced three native connectors for MaxCompute, AnalyticDB and Data Lake Analytics – built with Tableau's Connector SDK.

Alteryx integrations utilise new Tableau APIs – Data science leader, Alteryx, is releasing a new integration with Tableau's Hyper API. This enables joint customers to easily input data from .hyper file types, which supports faster analytical and query performance for larger data sets, into Alteryx processes. This tight integration between products gives customers more flexibility in their data pipeline strategy.

In addition, Alteryx is integrating the new Tableau Metadata API to allow customers to populate high-quality metadata into the Alteryx Platform via Alteryx Connect for a rich cataloguing experience.

Databricks improves data analysis at scale – The new Databricks Connector offers enhanced performance and an optimised connection directly within Tableau. By allowing customers to more easily tap into data lakes and analyse massive datasets, the connector will power new insights based on the most up-to-date and real-time data.

DataRobot integrates predictive analytics directly into Tableau – Building on their popular Insights extension, enterprise AI leader DataRobot, is announcing an enhanced integration that will allow customers to publish powerful predictions and rich explanations as an easily accessible Tableau data source.

This enables analysts without data science expertise to reach AI-powered predictions directly within the flow of their analysis and instantly visualise alongside business data to uncover hidden patterns, analyse the effect of different variables on a predicted outcome, and uncover new opportunities to drive measurable business impact.

Kyvos Insights connector delivers insights at scale – Kyvos, a leading cloud and big data analytics company, is releasing a native connector to its self-service analytics solution in Tableau 2019.4. Kyvos' BI acceleration layer enables Tableau users to access trillions of rows of data – delivering instant insights at massive scale, directly from Tableau.

Mapbox uses data to create interactive, map-based stories – Mapbox, a live location data platform, is introducing Interactive Storytelling, a powerful new way to visually integrate data and stories.

Narrative Science extends data storytelling capabilities – Narrative Science, an AI software provider, is introducing multidimensional analysis, allowing Tableau users to explore and create comprehensive stories spanning many levels of their data in their Tableau dashboards. This adds additional dimensions to their narratives, empowering more holistic explanation of data trends.

Qubole connector enables faster, simpler queries of big data – Qubole, a leader in multi-cloud data processing for advanced analytics, machine learning and AI, is announcing a native connector as part of Tableau's 2019.4 release, providing data teams the ability to run visual analytics on data lakes with increased choice and simplicity.

Combining the reliability and scalability of Tableau with Qubole's performance and auto-scaling for analytics and machine learning, the Qubole connector for Tableau provides faster, simpler petabyte-level querying of big data.

Yellowbrick Data warehouse delivers intelligent, actionable insights at-scale – Yellowbrick Data, a hybrid data warehouse provider, announced a combined data warehousing and analytics solution that allows Tableau customers to hold and query data at scale, regardless of whether the workload resides on-premises, in the cloud or both.

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