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Taking the stress out of digital vigilance
Mon, 6th Nov 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

At Atlas Gentech, we have a history of more than 25 years working with partners and integrators in security solution design, deployment and support. Through our integrated partnership with CSD and Inner Range we have become the Australasian market leader.  Our deep understanding of the ISO 31000 Risk Management Framework, all of Government Protective Security Requirements (PSR) and residential security requirements allow us to provide complete security solutions via channel partner enablement.

This year has seen no shortage in Cyber Security threats to businesses of all sizes and purpose. We have reached a point where not being digitally vigilant in your organisation is a cause for serious concern. The appetite for risk mitigation in cyber defence needs to be replicated when considering your business' approach to physical security. A holistic approach to security does not treat cyber security in isolation, in fact many companies who provide cyber security solutions also provide the Red Team vs Blue Team penetration exercises which are designed to stress test the physical security systems and processes in place.

For New Zealand businesses to reap the benefits of modern security, a new design philosophy needs to be embraced. When considering different facets of Security, the approach needs to be one of not only full integration across all security functions including access control and video surveillance, but also high-level integration into building services such as lighting, lift control and heating.

When integrating video surveillance into building access control, customers can experience a higher level of authentication for building access and arm themselves with more effective evidence of a crime. By allowing integrated door access and security motion detection to trigger video recordings and images, the security system instructs the video surveillance system on where to focus and record and proactively report. This recording is then tagged to an event in the security management systems for fast and efficient retrieval.

Personal Identification has moved on from the ‘access token that unlocks a door' to a personal data management tool that can provide essential information like valid accreditation management which ensures people have up to date certificates before they enter sensitive areas.

Advancements in Personal ID management in the form of ID Cards with a Holographic Overlay and Laser Engraving to Mobile Credentials stored on a Smart Device, can be integrated into Security Systems to provide Location Based Services (LBS). LBS opens up a myriad of business value from increasing efficiency in emergency evacuations with live muster registers to ensuring building services are tailored to the person and location of occupancy.

LBS does not have to be limited to people. By extending LBS through to assets in a building, businesses and organisations such as hospitals can now have a real-time view of where assets are, how often they have been used and does that asset now require maintenance. This can be integrated in a central management solution giving operators a single view of the entire security infrastructure.

The central management of security infrastructure extends to include Video Surveillance, which is where some of the most beneficial of security advancements are realised. Video Surveillance and the associated analytics now provide business with intelligent information and notifications. We can provide notifications of loitering in sensitive areas such as car parks and unattended object recognition for businesses such as banks and airports. When considering Video Surveillance for areas such as Data Centers (DC), we can integrate License Plate Recognition (LPR), which can trigger barrier entry arms or gates to open while taking video recordings of unrecognised license plates, or black listed license plates as they approach the DC.

Video Surveillance Analytics can provide businesses, such as retailers, valuable insights into how customers are utilising the retail footprint. With the ability to create digital zone overlays that can count entry and exits, line crosses and entrance monitoring, retailers can now use categorical data to design better retail experiences.

Due to IP convergence across the security solution portfolio, we can now centrally manage all aspects of the security infrastructure while integrating this into building services such as HVAC - Lighting, Lift Control, Heating and Humidity - this provides businesses with the ability to provide a higher duty of care to employees and visitors while improving operational efficiency of the building.

Atlas Gentech has the solutions, knowledge and experience to assist integrators and guide end-users through security considerations and projects. Our ability to integrate security systems and provide pragmatic business benefit is well proven. If you are considering upgrading your security or thinking about choosing a partner to assist you in offering security solutions please contact us via 09 574 2700 or

By Chris Fair, Atlas Gentech (NZ) General Manager – North. Read more here.