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Techday introduces 10 Minute IT Jams

12 Jun 2020

We often hear from Communications & PR people that there is virtually no media agency that is interested in interviews anymore. We want to help change that perception.

Techday has launched a new series of video shorts called 10 Minute IT Jams, which provide sharp, to-the-point insights into emerging and established technology companies. These videos generally cover a company's purpose, its products and solutions, recent announcements, and details about how to contact the team.

"During the COVID-19 crisis, we mastered short and sweet video interviews. These have been wildly popular on YouTube and LinkedIn. Now we are offering it as a service for our communications and PR contacts,” says Techday’s publisher Sean Mitchell.

How our 10 Minute IT Jams work

  • Our editor provides three questions prior to the interview.
  • The interviewee practices a 10-minute elevator pitch.
  • It can involve slides, although it doesn't have to.
  • The interview is conducted over Zoom and is recorded in one continuous shot. 
  • We trim any talk at the beginning and the end and publish the video on YouTube.  The video doesn’t have to be exactly 10 minutes long, but we have found that shorter videos attract more views and engagement.
  • We post the video and accompanying story on the appropriate Techday websites and their social media accounts.

Examples can be found on YouTube here. You can find all of our 10 Minute IT Jam stories here


We expect each IT Jam to achieve 500 views on YouTube and 1,500 reads on our websites.


To keep the costs right down we have simplified the approach and are treating it like a contributed column.

It costs $850 as a one-off exercise, but discounts are available if 6 or 12 can be booked at once (invoicing and payment is later as used).

Do you have an executive that would be ideal for a jam session?

If you have any additional questions, we would be happy to assist, contact your digital account manager or contact us here.