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Transtasman thoughts

01 Oct 2006

Kiwi’s are well received in Australia - as they seem to be anywhere else in the world. ?

Although there are tight networks within Australia, our strong work ethic, humour and ability to call a “spade a spade” tends to open the door more readily for us.? Typically Australians like our approach and the way we just get on with it.

However being the poorer second cousin here has both disadvantages and advantages. It generally works well when New Zealand has  won the Bledisloe Cup, but not so well when Australia has won the World Cup. Having a thin skin in these situations would do you a disservice, but joining in the sledging and serving back as good as you get it results in some amusing business relationships. I think I’ve got the best sheep jokes in the world and bring them out as my secret weapon!!!!

From an IT adoption perspective NZ punches above its weight – it’s well known for its early adoption and creation of new technologies. This can-do attitude certainly opens doors for New Zealanders doing business internationally and that is true in Australia.

Working here in Australia you often have no idea what they mean on Monday when someone asks if you saw the game. While in New Zealand it’s clear during rugby season what we are talking about - in Australia it depends on what State the person comes from - ‘the game’ could be league, union, Aussie Rules, AFL etc - it’s hard to keep up on it -  and if you get it wrong it has to be said Aussies are NOT impressed!

I think it would be fair to say that both Australians and New Zealanders have an excellent reputation for getting the job done as quickly and thoroughly as possible – in order to exit the office and enjoy the finer things in life – sport, sport, sport and SPORT - along the coastline of Australia you can add beach and surf to that as a subset.

New Zealand tends to be all about the #8 wire mentality while Australia is full of the larrikin - and there’s a lot to be said for the humour and laid back approach that comes with both.