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VAST Data's innovative software upgrade delivers significant AWS cloud savings
Tue, 5th Dec 2023

VAST Data, an innovative AI data platform firm, has released a major software upgrade that could bring about significant cloud cost savings for Amazon Web Services (AWS) users of up to 80 percent. The newest software release, known as version 5.0, intensifies the capabilities of the VAST Data Platform regarding AWS, fostering more efficient and faster AI workflows and streamlining hybrid cloud deployments across AWS regions through a singular control plane.

Following the update, AWS customers can now optimise their hybrid cloud configurations spanning various AWS regions using a singular control plane. With VAST Data Platform's high-end data management capabilities and innovative infrastructural efficiencies, organisations can easily manage tables, objects, and files no matter where the computation is happening. Cloud-native organisations can utilise the VAST Data Platform for their cloud journey, benefiting from streamlining and transformational capabilities.

As an official AWS Partner, VAST Data offers businesses an alternative to existing data management methodologies. Enterprises often have to seek and incorporate independent object storage, NAS solutions, and data warehouse tools to establish comprehensive data pipelines. For the first time, they can consolidate all structured and unstructured data management mechanisms into a unified platform deployable across private clouds and all AWS regions.

This unified, multi-modal data management environment can potentially save organisations from excess infrastructure costs by avoiding cross-protocol data growth and leveraging VAST's unique similarity-based data reduction for further cost savings in data infrastructure.

Significantly, Version 5.0 also introduces new additions and enhancements. VAST now offers a data platform that amalgamates multiple protocols into a single namespace, eliminating data siloes caused by independent data systems. Organisations can manage and deploy VAST clusters across AWS and private clouds, easing cloud-bursting workflows and multi-region availability. This interface simplifies VAST cluster management while providing global transparent data access for AI workflows.

Intelligent Anomaly Detection uses machine learning to report "anomalous user events and data behaviours." The VAST Data Platform now allows audit logs to be streamed directly and queried from the VAST DataBase. Simultaneously, VAST DataBase new features facilitate in dramatically reducing query times and accelerating time to insight.

Jeff Denworth, Co-Founder of VAST Data, asserted that the VAST Data Platform is "the simplest, fastest, most efficient, and most secure way for customers to obtain AI-powered insights from all their data, across private and public clouds." The update's benefits allow for creating inter-cluster relationships for data availability and deploying VAST across AWS regions, making it significantly easier for cloud-native organisations to leverage the VAST Data Platform.