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Vista for all

01 Aug 2006

Microsoft Windows Vista is designed to improve the computing experience for people at home and in businesses. With this in mind, five different editions of Windows Vista have been created to meet the needs of a wide range of users from people who use the web for browsing or as a home entertainment unit, through to businesses who need to manage and use large volumes of data.  In New Zealand there will be two editions for businesses. The first one is Windows Vista Business which is aimed at all businesses who want to improve their security, connectivity and productivity and well as lowering costs. The other business edition is Windows Vista Enterprise which has additional features designed to meet the needs of large organisations.Home users can choose from two versions of the operating system. The first one is Windows Vista Home Premium which offers full functionality and has Windows Media Center built into the operating system. It also has the Aero user interface that offers a more visually sophisticated experience. The other version, Windows Vista Home Basic, will, like Premium, offer improved reliability, security and usability but will not include the Windows Media Centre or the Aero user interface option. Home Basic is for people who just want to use their home computer for activities such as email, surfing the web and word processing.The fifth edition is Windows Vista Ultimate, a version that combines key business, mobility and home entertainment features in the one operating system – perfect for IT gurus and businesses that want the best of all worlds!