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Web security as a business enabler

Westcon Imagine 2014 - Can security boost productivity? For some Kordia customers, that’s certainly proving to be the case.

Defending yourself against increasingly sophisticated web-borne malware, while reducing IT costs and boosting productivity for an increasingly distributed workforce is no easy task.

Murray Goodman, Kordia Head of Product, says Kordia’s OnKor Web Security Service allows customers to realise ‘significant’ cost savings by eliminating the need to purchase, deploy and maintain on-premise hardware or software.

“Intuitive tools make it easy to create, enforce and monitor effective web use policy. And because the service leverages a user-based subscription customers pay only for what they need and can seamlessly scale their web threat protection as required.”

He says in one use case example the company is seeing customers using OnKor’s granular web security to support the introduction of Wi-Fi in their business to support BYOD, the mobile enterprise and as a value add to customers; keeping users safe from threats and in some cases ensuring web content being viewed is appropriate.

“You don’t want the person dining at the table next to your family to be looking at inappropriate content,for example.”

But, says Goodman, for Kordia customers, there’s an added bonus to web security: they get feature rich reporting. “In the Wi-Fi use case this allows them to identify new ways of getting their marketing message to these users.”

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