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WiNG Express – the perfect enterprise class WLAN solution for SMEs

There's a gap in the wireless market. It lies between consumer products and enterprise solutions.

The enterprise option is too complex for growing SMEs and is usually beyond their budgets. But consumer products don't have the reliability and scalability that small and medium-sized businesses need.

The Asia Pacific region market for enterprise WLAN continues to expand. It grew by nearly 6% this last quarter alone.

Zebra Technologies' WiNG Express fills the gap and provides businesses with a best performing and best value solution that fits its needs. It represents a great opportunity for channel partners.

WiNG Express takes Zebra's proven WiNG Enterprise wireless networking technology and strips out the complexity. It is the best performing on the market – with more uptime and throughput, and is the best commercial proposition – meaning a better ROI for customers. SMEs can have enterprise-grade performance and reliability, without the unnecessary management overhead and additional cost.

Customer benefits include:

  • Real enterprise class wireless network performance for small to mid-size organizations with 1 to 1,024 access points. It is easy to scale up as business grows and the network expands.
  • A robust enterprise-class WLAN that can be easily deployed in minutes. It is really simple to deploy – just turn it on to get started.
  • With this intelligent wireless network, every access point becomes a part of the firewall, stopping threats before they enter the network - including with Bring Your Own Device initiatives.
  • Powerful analytics to best manage the WLAN network and its performance. Visibility of all access points – drill down to see its history and a range of metrics.
  • Attractive price point for small- to mid-size enterprise-class WLANs — without compromising on enterprise-class functionality. Zebra is expanding market share to bring the superior solutions to clients at the lowest price.

Typically, customers will be office or premise based businesses, smaller retail groups, hospitality companies, such as hotel operators, cafes or restaurants, and healthcare providers – hospital trusts, specialist clinics, dentists and others. Typically – decisions around IT in these companies are made by the managing director or another senior decision maker.

When WiNG EXPRESS is the perfect fit for a business:

  • There is no in-house IT department
  • There is no one on the staff who is officially certified to manage WiFi
  • They need to manage their own network internally
  • They don't want to pay additional licence fees – they just want a standard WiFi solution at a fixed cost
  • They need simplicity, with the option to scale as the business grows
  • They need enterprise-level security
  • A dedicated controller is not required: if they need fewer than 26 Access Points, of the same type, on a single site
  • The customer needs more than 26 but less than 1024 Access Points, multi-site or different Access Point types

SMEs may have been considering products aimed at home users and Small Office/Home Office businesses. Most SME customers however, recognise they need more functionality and stronger security. WiNG Express offers this but keeps things simple – and at a price point that is far more affordable than enterprise solutions.

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