Wynyard Group joins forces with NZ Police

07 Aug 12

Wynyard Group has agreed to commercialise New Zealand Police developed digital forensics technology for the global law enforcement and intelligence market.

The technology, EVE (Environmental for Virtualised Evidence), provides officers with analysis of seized electronic goods including PCS, mobiles, creating a virtual copy in the process.

The solutions provider says EVE improves efficiency and effectiveness when gathering data from devices – speeding up the evidence process.

“The New Zealand Police is leading the world in digital forensics with its EVE technology,” says Craig Richardson, Wynyard Group CEO.

“It has solved a growing problem – the cost effective, rapid, forensically safe capture, processing and search of digital evidence from seized mobile and storage devices.

“Together with the New Zealand Police, we’ve developed a game changing product for the billion dollar global cyber crime, forensic imaging, validation and analysis market.”

The risk management specialists bought EVE from the New Zealand Police and integrated it with Wynyard’s powerful criminal intelligence technology.

“EVE was developed by our E-Crime team,” says Mike Bush, Deputy Commissioner Operations.

“It has garnered interest from police forces and governments around the world. By working with Wynyard Group we have ensured that EVE will continue to be a world-leading crime-fighting tool.”

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