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Wynyard releases Mosquito crime analytics software

25 Oct 2013

Wynyard Group has released the latest version of its purpose-built advanced crime analytics platform, in what the company is branding as "powerful crime analytics software."

Code named Mosquito, the latest product from Wynyard’s Crime Science Research Centre includes new features for identifying financial and organised crime patterns, investigating gun crimes, processing digital evidence from seized mobile devices and identifying persons of interest.

“Wynyard Group’s powerful crime analytics software is used by law enforcement and border protection agencies, financial institutions and national infrastructure operators to detect and disrupt fraud, money laundering and organised crimes such as drug, human and firearms trafficking,” says Craig Richardson, director, Wynyard.

“Our customers are facing common problems. The volume and variety of unprocessed or stove-piped data hiding valuable intelligence and evidence continues to grow.

"Our powerful software rapidly processes this data and connects the dots, changing the game for front line investigators."

Wynyard recently expanded its operations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Australia, with Richardson claiming the company is also now seeing demand for its software and solutions from government agencies in South East Asia.

“South East Asia is a hot spot for trans-national and organised crime," Richardson adds.

"Policing and customs agencies in the region are showing strong interest in our advanced crime analytics and investigative case management software and we are considering accelerating our investment in the region."

Wynyard’s crime analytics software is available to approved government agencies, with selected features enabled for use by financial institutions subscribing to Wynyard’s anti-money laundering and fraud management Software-as-a-Service.