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Yealink “revitalises” VoIP market… heads to NZ

19 Sep 14

Yealink Network Technology is revitalising the VoIP space, with the world-leading hosted and SIP trunking provider breaking down the barriers of introducing innovative new solutions to market.

Distributed by Connector Systems across New Zealand, the tech giant has enjoyed growing success in the global IP phone market since its creation in 2001.

“In the past, the VoIP industry was largely monopolised by Avaya and Cisco,” says David Chen, CEO, Yealink.

“The closed protocol they adopted made introducing new solutions both expensive and difficult to deploy.”

While acknowledging the good quality of Polycom products, Chen says such offerings still remained highly-priced, meaning that only high-end customers could afford them.

“As a result, the SIP Phone industry offered no products that combined both high-quality and affordable pricing for the small and medium business market,” he adds.

In discovering a gap in the market, Chen identified major opportunities for change and progress.

In response, Yealink has positioned itself within the medium-class market and maintains a strong commitment to developing IP Phones that offer high-quality, easy deployment and attractive prices.

“The advent of IP Phone providers such as Yealink and Polycom has revitalised the whole VoIP market,” says Chen, widely regarded as an industry expert.

“This has changed VoIP use from being exclusive to inclusive, optimised the deployment of solutions from being difficult to very easy, and lowered prices from costly to affordable.”

Business philosophy…

After entering the market 13 years ago, Yenlink immediately committed itself 100% to SIP Phone development.

Today, the growing company employs more than 430 staff, of which more than 200 are Research and Development engineers and technical support engineers, building up a core team which represents in excess of 20 years of telecom industry experience.

As a global SIP Phone industry leader, Chen says Yealink prides itself on always being a trend-setter.

“For example, in the 2008 we launched the T2 HD voice series,” he adds. “This was quickly followed in 2010 by the launch of the T3XG series of colourful screen phones.

“In 2013, the innovative T4 series came out on to the market with their paperless feature, lower-than-average power consumption and high-quality acoustics which meet the stringent TIA920 standard.

“As a result, the T4 was series of quickly labeled as being low-carbon and eco-friendly phones.”

Chen says the driving force behind Yealink’s design philosophy is to make phones easy to use, to make VoIP products easy to buy, to make Yealink phones easy to configure and to ensure that customer service is always easy to access through swift technical support.

Market traction…

For the past five years, Yealink has maintained its double-digit revenue growth.

Based on Frost & Sulliven surveys and analysis, Yealink is currently ranked as the Global TOP3 SIP phone provider - based as independent assessment of SIP phone sales volumes in 2012 and 2013.

With currently over 70 technical partners worldwide, Yenlik is also the premium partner for Broadsoft, the world’s largest carrier system provider.

In addition, Yealink products and services are used by heavyweight carriers that include KPN, BT and Telefonica.

Yealink is distributed by Connector Systems across New Zealand – for more information contact: Mark Dasent, General Manager, Connector Systems on +64 9 580 2841 or

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