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Your Invite - Learn more about Trustwave products with Express Data

19 Aug 2013

Express Data is inviting you to learn about award-winning Trustwave WebDefend products, at a series of events across New Zealand this month.

Scheduled for Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Palmerston North, join us for a high level technical look at some of the best-of-breed Trustware products.

A highly scalable Web application firewall that provides real-time, continuous security against attacks and data loss, Trustwave products offer the added assurance that your Web applications operate as intended and are compliant with industry regulations.

WebDefend provides the industry’s best protection against application vulnerabilities and emerging threats, such as OWASP Top 10 Web application attacks, site scraping, malicious bots, Google hacking, zero-day and targeted attacks.

Key features include:

• Patent-pending, adaption application profiling system continuously builds a dynamic security model of each protected Web application to ensure only valid traffic is allowed

• Ability to profile HTML, XML and SOAP and monitor both compressed and uncompressed Web traffic

• Patent-pending ExitControl analysis engine inspects outgoing traffic for data loss, defacement and security information exposure

• Application layer signatures provide actionable information on detected vulnerabilities

• Geo-location blocking provides customization for blocking requests generated by specific countries

• Highly scalable sensor covers flexible site definitions, flexible deployment modes and to support for up to 10G NIC cards

• Facilitates compliance with PCI DSS requirement 6.6

• Provides enhanced virtual patching with user defined rules based on Mod Security syntax

• Custom response page to communicate a response to potential hackers based on the type of attack initiated

Following the acquisition of M86 Security last year, Trustwave has taken over the Marshal line of products (MailMarshal & WebMarshal), now available through Express Data.

Set for the final week of August, at the events Trustwave NZ Solutions Architect Nick O'Sullivan will take you on a quick tour through:

• Web Application Firewall (WAF) - if you have a website then you need one of these

• Network Access Control (NAC) - control who and what connects to your network

• Secure Web Gateway (SWG) - the best defence for Malware coming from the web

• Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) - taking log management to a whole new level

• SSL certs, Trustwave is a Certificate Authority, and make life so much easier buying SSL certificates

• SpiderLab’s, from Pen Testing through to incident response, Trustwave's labs team are much more than just honeypots


Auckland - Monday, 26 August - Crowne Plaza

Hamilton - Tuesday, 27 August - Ibis Hotel

Palmerston North - Wednesday, 28 August - Wharerata Function Centre

Wellington - Thursday, 29 August - Rydges Wellington

Christchurch - Friday, 30 August - The George

For more information regarding the event click here