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Zendesk's fresh funding fuels cloud-based apps

20 Sep 2012

Zendesk has revealed the next generation of its cloud-based customer service platform, hoping to set a new standard in the consumerisation of enterprise software in the process.

The cloud-based software provider has received US$60m which they say will drive the customer service revolution, accelerate technology innovation and continue global expansion.

Financed by Redpoint Ventures with participation by Index Ventures plus others, Zendesk says the new apps will help companies make customer service the centre of their business.

Rebuilt from the ground up according to the company, Zendesk’s new interface, mirroring the social media and consumer application single-page design, helps businesses interact with their customers in a familiar, conversational way, without sacrificing scalability or automation.

“Since we released Zendesk in 2007, the world has dramatically changed its perspective on customer service,” says Zendesk founder and CEO Mikkel Svane.

“Consumers are more empowered than ever, forcing companies to completely rethink how they engage with their customers.

"Today’s consumers expect ubiquitous, real-time customer service that is transparent and authentic.

"And companies are remodeling their customer relationships from being transactional-based to lifetime-value based.

"Zendesk is extremely well positioned to lead this market, and the new funding will make Zendesk, the new face of customer service, a globally recognisable brand.”