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2016 sees Techday double in size – our highlights for the year

21 Nov 2016

Last year Techday switched the printers off and became an exclusively digital publisher.

Producing solely digital content allowed us to refocus the time that went into the production and administration of our magazines, resulting in the ability to create even more compelling online content for our readers and advertisers.

We’ve also been able to offer our advertisers more exclusive opportunities to reach specific niche audiences, while offering huge flexibility before, during and after an advertising campaign.

We got a full head of steam up following the digital-only decision last year, and we certainly haven’t slowed that train of growth in 2016 – here are some of the highlights:

Techday publisher, Sean Mitchell affirms this year has been massive for Techday.

"The digital-only transformation has seen Techday working with a savvy new breed of marketing managers throughout the Asia Pacific region, who themselves have already made the transition to digital-only marketing," says Mitchell.

“Our goal is and always has been to be the most agile publisher in the Asia Pacific, and thus far I think we are certainly achieving that.”

If you would like to know more, get in touch with Techday's team of Digital Account Managers for an obligation-free quote for editorial integration and/or advertising. Our team is well trained on how to get the best return on your marketing investment.

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