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Beyond Identity joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

By Shannon Williams, Fri 24 Dec 2021

Beyond Identity has announced it has joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association.

The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association is a coalition of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that have integrated their solutions with Microsoft’s security products to help joint customers better defend themselves against a world of increasing cyber threats. 

To be considered for MISA, organisations must be nominated by Microsoft and demonstrate integrations that support the goal of improving enterprise security. 

Today, organisations are struggling to secure all of the users and devices accessing their SaaS applications, and they need more dynamic control over access to resources depending on the specific configuration of those devices. 

Beyond Identity was nominated for membership into MISA based on how its platform uses the power of Microsoft’s Endpoint Manager device management capabilities and combines them with Beyond Identity’s native, device-level security signals to make risk-based authentication decisions. 

Allowing organisations to assess if a device is managed and secure at the time of authentication helps organisations prevent account takeovers and implement a zero trust compliant authentication strategy. 

“We are thrilled to be a part of the thriving MISA community,” says Kurt Johnson, vice president of strategy and business development at Beyond Identity. 

“Many of our customers tell us they need more control over the devices that are allowed to access sensitive information and resources, and our integration allows them to do that. As a Microsoft partner in the MISA ecosystem, integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager is an important component of secure authentication decisions and the elimination of account takeovers," he says.

Maria Thomson, Microsoft Intelligent Security Association lead, says,"Members of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association integrate their solutions with Microsoft’s to gain more signal, increase visibility, and better protect against threats.

"By extending Microsoft’s security capabilities across the ecosystem, we help our shared customers to succeed,” she says. 
Built on the same core platform, Beyond Identity’s suite of authentication products includes: 

  • Beyond Identity Secure Work – safeguards an organisation’s most valuable SaaS apps and cloud resources by eliminating passwords and restricting access to only secure devices. It ensures that every device is tied to a user’s identity and has the correct security settings and configuration, security software, apps, and programs running at the time of login – before granting access to SaaS resources. 
  • Beyond Identity Secure DevOps – closes a massive vulnerability and secures the software supply chain against insider threats and malicious attacks. It allows only authorised developers and their approved, identity-bound devices to commit code changes, ensuring trust, integrity, and auditability for every piece of source code that is built into the end software product. 
  • Beyond Identity Secure Customers – a first-of-its-kind innovation that provides software development kits that enable companies to embed Beyond Identity’s authentication capabilities across all native and web applications on any device. This allows any business to offer its customers a zero friction authentication experience without passwords, second devices, or separate application downloads. 
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