07 Feb 2018
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Cement your position as a market leader with Techday's editorial features

By Sean Mitchell

Techday runs editorial feature weeks on each site that focus on the topics our unique audiences are interested in.

For the duration of the feature weeks, our editors write extensively on a specific topic.

Feature weeks are a highly effective approach for your organisation to position yourselves as a leader or gamechanger within a field, associate your product with a trend, or make a statement about your company.

The features are opened up to a sponsor, who will have complete takeover of all the readers engaging with the topic through display ad campaigns.

Depending on the site, the sponsor will also have between one to three sponsored stories to showcase their stakes and expertise within the topic.

Techday has five feature lists running concurrently across our network of sites at any given time – which ones do you associate with your organisation?

If you're interested in sponsoring or contributing content for a feature, you can email info@techday.com to sign up for email notifications six weeks before specific features run. 


Our enterprise feature list runs across the DataCenterNews Asia, DataCentreNews EMEA, DataCenterNews North AmericaITBrief Australia, and ITBrief New Zealand sites, read by CIOs and IT decisionmakers at government entities, enterprises, and data centre operators in Asia, EMEA, North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Successful features on this list include Hybrid cloud, Mobility, and Storage.


The security list runs across the SecurityBrief Asia, SecurityBrief EuropeSecurityBrief Australia and SecurityBrief New Zealand sites, capturing a niche audience that includes CSOs, CISOs and security decision-makers in government and enterprise in those regions.

Popular topics on this list include Ransomware, Endpoint security, and Firewall.


Our channel feature list runs across our channel brands, ChannelLife Australia and ChannelLife New Zealand.

These sites are read by technology resellers, system integrators, and retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

The channel feature list includes topics like Security, SaaS, and Disaster recovery.


Our business features run on our bizEDGE website, read by small business owners throughout New Zealand that have an interest in technology.

Features on this list include Artificial intelligence, Cloud accounting, and Payments solutions.


The consumer features run on FutureFive site, which focuses on news about drones, robots, home automation, car tech and digital entertainment on top of bringing readers the best of consumer tech news.

Successful features on this list include Gaming, Smartphone, and Mancave.


Find out more about how editorial features can drive your market presence, contact your digital account manager or contact us here.

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