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Connector Systems snaps up new vendor, eyes future potential

03 May 2016

Connector Systems has snapped up a new vendor, with Cableaway joining its portfolio, and is eyeing up at least two more vendors, following Ingram Micro's acquisition two months ago.

Mark Dasent, Connector Systems general manager, says the deal will see open up new upsell opportunities for resellers and provide ‘a bigger story’ for them.

Cableaway provides racks, cabinets and cabling.

 “[Our resellers are] already in there doing cabling and networking jobs and this opens up the opportunity to do cabinets and racks and things like that all from us, which makes sense.

“It makes a bit of a bigger story for them and enables some upselling,” Dasent adds.

He says Cableaway fits well with Connector Systems Molex and cabling brands.

"We're looking at how we can help them grow.”

Cableaway is one of several brands handled by Ingram Micro, which are likely to be transferred to the Connector Systems brand. 

“We’re looking at the Ingram brands and there are a couple there that we are realigning, if you like, to be more suited to Connector Systems,” Dasent says.

Moves are already underway to transfer two other vendors to the Connector Systems portfolio and Dasent says there’s also plenty of scope for Connector Systems to bring new vendors – who are currently part of Ingram Micro’s 1400-strong United States portfolio – to the New Zealand market.

“There are a whole bunch of brands that Ingram Micro do, not just here but worldwide, that we are looking at and seeing if it would fit into our portfolio and skillset of people. And if so, we will look at it.

“There are loads of brands and opportunities [within the Ingram Micro portfolio], it’s just trying to pick the right one and ones that are complementary to what we do and are not going to cannibalise business we’re doing with other vendors,” Dasent says.

“We will be selective. We’ll only do it if it makes sense.

“If we can pick up another two or three in the next six months, that will be great.”

Connector Systems will also be doing a ‘relaunch’ of its top 15 to 20 brands to the Ingram Micro reseller base over the next three months, and Dasent is promising some ‘funky’ promotions to accompany the relaunches.

“We’ve been acquired for two months, so things have settled and now we are going to go out to the wider Ingram Micro database and launch our products.

“Resellers, particularly the Ingram reseller base, should be expecting to see a whole bunch of stuff from us around the Connector Systems brands and what they’re all about.”

The relaunches will be accompanied by promotions, including ‘some really attractive pricing but also some giveaways of nice products Ingram Micro has’.

International trips – including a trip to Bali in a Ruckus Wireless promotion – will also be up for grabs as Connector Systems seeks to add Ingram Micro resellers to its active reseller base.

“We’ve had a limited reseller base in comparison to Ingram, so the opportunity for us and our vendors to get in front of all those resellers is massive.”

A number of Ingram Micro resellers are already transacting deals for Connector Systems brands.

Meanwhile the distributor is gearing up to add Ingram Micro’s Nitro rewards program, enabling resellers to gain points on all purchases which can then be used to buy other products.

“The value proposition they have on Nitro is that you can pretty much buy anything you like. If it’s not on the website you can ask for it and they’ll give you a quote on how many points it will cost.”

Dasent says Connector Systems plans to roll out Nitro rewards across ‘as many of our brands as we can, if not all of them’.

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