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DarkInvader launches channel partner recruitment drive
Wed, 16th Aug 2023

DarkInvader, a leading External Attack Surface Management (EASM) provider, has announced the launch of its channel partner recruitment drive in a bid to enable more businesses to monitor and protect their external attack surface. 

As part of its continued growth, DarkInvader is looking to partner with leading resellers and managed security service providers (MSSPs) in the UK and worldwide who are looking to add EASM to their service portfolio.

According to the company, DarkInvader is a channel-first organisation, offering partners a way to add value to their customers by delivering real-time attack surface intelligence to help them understand the threat landscape and stay ahead of potential threats. Utilising human research and custom search technology, the company's services uncover more risks when compared to automated tools.

Within the DarkInvader Portal, organisations can see their current exposure on the dark web, from files to credentials and company emails. These are graded based on the risk to the business and come with a remediation action outlined by its expert team of researchers.

Robin Hill, Co-Founder of DarkInvader, says one of the standout features of DarkInvader is its customisable portal. He sats understanding the importance of brand awareness, the portal can be customised to allow MSSPs to have full control over branding, ensuring a seamless experience for their customers. 

"Our customers are worried about publicly accessible private data, scams that can damage brand reputation and hidden IT infrastructure," Hill says. 

"Darklnvader acts like a cybercriminal, collecting information across the dark and surface web that could be used to target our clients external attack surface," he says.

"Through strong partnerships, we are dedicated to expanding our network to help businesses maintain their security," Hill says.

"We empower our channel partners to diversify services and elevate their value to customers, providing access to cutting-edge tools, technologies, and expert support. By aligning with DarkInvader, partners can unlock additional revenue streams and enhance their market visibility." 

Founded in 2021, DarkInvader offers an External Attack Surface Management (EASM) for businesses worldwide. Its team of cybersecurity experts came up with an idea to use their industry expertise and past experience working with the ethical hacking community to build a service to enable organisations to keep ahead of the emerging threat landscape. 

Using automated custom-built tools and open source intelligence (OSINT) to discover public-facing cyber threats, DarkInvader provides actionable intelligence to help IT managers predict, plan and prepare for future security breaches.