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Dedupe your data for drastically less

10 Aug 12

Your data's value is in its accuracy which is why a leading cleansing software company has updated it's impressive desktop software application.

Data Ladder has recently released it's 2012 version of DataMatch, a database tool which excels in data cleaning, fuzzy matching for de-duplication, parsing and standardization.

The importance of accurate and consistent data is paramount and most businesses don't realise the harmful implications or costs associated with bad or inaccurate data.

The companies' software has been designed from the ground up to make the cleansing of your data easy, along with best in class fast fuzzy matching algorithms, DataMatch 2012 offers the complete solution.

"Inaccurate customer data costs businesses (over) $611bn a year in postage, printing, and staff overhead. Frighteningly, the real cost of bad data is higher,” says Simon Emmitt, sales manager, Data Ladder.

"Data problems can alienate customers, create revenue and cost leaks, undermine process efficiency, delay expensive projects, and expose an organisation to compliance risks.

"In short, bad data can make it hard for the business to achieve its financial and strategic goals.”

Ways in which these statistics can further be combated are highlighted in the recently announced 2012 version of DataMatch which includes:

- A customizable reporting functionality for creating insightful views on matches.

- An intuitive wizard sets data cleansing options based on four questions, drastically reducing data cleansing time and confusion with a customer support team readily available to offer individual help and assistance.

- A simplified user interface forms a key aspect of DataMatch 2012 with visibility on how each data cleansing step has changed the data set, including the ability to undo changes and the ability to save work as a project that can be reused and scheduled.

- Improved proprietary matching algorithms ensure the product is best in class matching accuracy and speed with added benefits of improved data profiling, multiple match definitions and deduplication options – a specialised compression technique to eliminate duplicate copies of repeating data.

Incorrect or inconsistent data can lead to false conclusions and misdirected investments on both public and private scales. Don't let your organisation rely upon faulty data for management decisions or post promotions to the same person twice, do something about it!

For more information about the companies dedupe software click here or to download free trial click here.

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