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Deep Security for Amazon Web Services Marketplace provides increased capabilities

Trend Micro’s Deep Security is now available for Amazon Web Services (AWS) on AWS Marketplace, the online store providing software and services for use on AWS.

Mark Nunnikhoven, vice president, cloud and emerging technologies, Trend Micro, says, “Trend Micro is constantly working on new ways to improve security and reduce its operational impact for developers and operations teams working on AWS.”

“Providing Deep Security via AWS Marketplace is yet another way we are providing additional security tools. This user-friendly implementation is a great way to meet your shared security responsibilities on top of the reliability and protection already offered by AWS,” he says.

Deep Security is the automated cloud security for AWS. It includes intrusion prevention, anti-malware with web reputation, integrity monitoring, log inspection and host firewall.

Along with the extended offering to AWS Marketplace, it is integrated with tools that automate security provisioning for rapid protection of instances from the latest vulnerabilities with workload-aware security.

Terry Hanold says the latest update for Deep Security provides customers with a solution that has a simple purchase and deployment process that complements the agility and flexibility of the cloud.

Available as software or as-a-service, Deep Security for AWS Marketplace allows resellers to provide greater offerings to customers, Nunnikhoven says, as it enables greater abilities with AWS, increased flexibility and adds value and expertise to the environment.

The Deep Security for AWS Marketplace installation includes two licensing options: bring your own license (BYOL) and pay per use (PPU). BYOL ensures customers can bring a Deep Security license from another source and PPU enables them to pay monthly for what they use, based on the size of the AWS instance they are running, with no minimum fee.

Trend Micro released Deep Security as a service two years ago and has seen great results, Nunnikhoven says. The self-service component provides increased capabilities so users can quickly and easily add security to cloud networks for instant protection.

Developing and providing Security-as-a-Service products such as Deep Security enables customers to be supplied with the capabilities they need and want, Nunnikhoven says.