20 May 2015
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Dimension Data helps Deloitte get into the cloud

By Shannon Williams

Deloitte Consulting has chosen Dimension Data as the cloud service provider to deliver Enterprise Application and Analytic workloads for business transformation, as well as selecting the Dimension Data Managed Cloud Platform (MCP), as the infrastructure-as-a-service.

Deloitte says the decision will enable the company to offer clients solutions such as Managed Analytics and SAP applications to multi-national clients across five continents, while Dimension Data provides and manages the infrastructure-as-a-service layer as a shared resource or private cloud.

Paul Roma, principal, Deloitte Consulting, LLP, says, “We are seeing a rapid shift in the market, from general low cost cloud computing, to subscribers looking for tailored enterprise cloud solutions.

“The combination of Deloitte’s Enterprise Products, Managed Analytics, business transformation expertise, and Dimension Data’s hybrid cloud platform, and their technology alignment with EMC will enable clients to rapidly move forward quickly and with confidence,” he says.

“Our immediate roll-out at Dimension Data will be with our entire suite of Enterprise Products and Managed Analytics businesses.”

Roma says Deloitte will have the flexibility to align the right cloud to the right application and workloads by choosing from Dimension Data’s public, private or hybrid cloud models, the company says in a statement. "Clients get the convenience of consistent performance and availability, world-class connectivity and security delivered in a consumption model on all platforms."

“The combination of the Dimension Data MCP and Deloitte business transformation solutions enables the client to align IT to business outcomes,” explains Shelley Perry, senior vice-president, research and development, for Dimension Data’s ITaaS Business Unit. 

“We’re investing in new, advanced technology from companies like the EMC Federation and Cisco to enable a hybrid cloud strategy,” she says. “By surrounding enterprise applications, moving to the cloud, with all the services and capabilities they require, we’re simplifying IT transformation.” 

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