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dLocal, eSky strengthen partnership for payment solutions
Mon, 27th Nov 2023

dLocal, a cross-border payment platform, and eSky Group, a major travel platform owner in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), have announced their decision to expand their successful partnership. This conveys their resolve to continue providing superior payment solutions in the markets of Latin America and Africa.

The collaboration between these two entities dates back to 2021. Since then, they have shared a commitment to establish a swift and reliable payment process that becomes a new standard within the industry. The partnership primarily focusses on local acquiring, a strategy that ensures reduced processing costs, speedy settlements, and top-notch customer support, all of which lead to enhanced authorisation rates in countries such as Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and South Africa.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the expanded partnership, Grzegorz Kwiecie, COO of eSky Group, said, “As a travel platform, we focus on innovation and solutions that take customer experience onto the next level. We take pride in our achievements with dLocal since 2021, prioritizing local acquiring to boost authorization rates and enhance the payment process for our customers. We greatly appreciate dLocal's exceptional customer service and support, setting them apart with dedication and around-the-clock reliability.”

The success of the partnership is not limited to improved authorisation rates alone. It has resulted in optimised payment processing which has made refunding a streamlined process as well, thus elevating the overall customer experience. The customer satisfaction stands as a point of priority in this collaborative work of dLocal and eSky Group.

Meanwhile, the future appears ever more promising for this dynamic partnership. It harbours plans to introduce installment payment options and additional alternative payment methods (APM), a move that will cater to the evolving needs of their customers. Such innovations only underscore the position of dLocal and eSky Group as industry leaders in LATAM and Africa, as they continue to offer comprehensive payment solutions.

Reflecting on the partnership, John O'Brien, CRO at dLocal, commented, "Our partnership with eSky Group shows how local payment solutions can make a big difference. We've improved authorization rates and set a strong foundation for growth in Latin America and Africa by focusing on local acquiring. We're excited to reach new milestones with eSky Group."

This partnership serves as a prime illustration of how collaboration and innovation in payment processing can yield remarkable results. The improved customer experience and potential for future growth and success in these dynamic markets is testament to the value of prioritizing local acquiring by both dLocal and eSky Group.