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Enterprise mobility grows as #GenMobile workers drive wireless uptake

22 Oct 2014

Westcon Imagine 2014 - Whether it be bustling coffee shops or deserted airport lounges, a new breed of workers, students and customers are moving away from the traditional workplace environment, as the #GenMobile revolution kickstarts an enterprise-level shift towards mobility.

Relying heavily on mobile devices for every aspect of work and personal communication, #GenMobile workers are forcing the enterprise to embrace secure, high-performing and personalised mobility networks.

“#GenMobile is a new mode of working,” says Mark Verbloot, Director, Systems Engineering, Aruba Networks ANZ. “People are now working at work, home and anywhere in-between and this is subsequently placing heaving demand on networks.”

Recent Aruba findings reveal the changing characteristics of this emerging group of workers, workers who demand flexible locations and hours to suit a shift in attitudes towards mobility within the workplace.

The global study of 5,000 people found that nearly 60 per cent of respondents prefer Wi-Fi at the expense of other connections, and 49 per cent want the option to work remotely.

“#GenMobile workers are using devices which are predominantly wireless only, such as tablets and smartphones, but they expect the same levels of connectivity, experience and security no matter where they are working from,” adds Verbloot, alluding to the pursuit of productivity within the mobility space.

“For enterprises to deliver the necessary infrastructure to keep workers productive when connected, the architecture needs to address the four S’s: Stable Air, Secure Air, Simple Air and Smart Air.”

Incorporating architecture that acts like a utility in that it’s constantly operating, Verbloot says enterprises must also provide security that’s not intrusive, mobile services that require no manual entry logins as well as location-relevance and priority for mobile apps.

“Aruba is the conductor in the orchestra of #GenMobile,” he adds. “We have carried out extensive research covering all four areas, and there’s no question that we lead the market.”

With global customers such as Microsoft, Google and Starbucks, as well Crown Law and Canterbury District Health Board in New Zealand, Aruba has deployed thousands of access points across the world, positioning the company as a standout leader within the mobility industry.

“Wireless is fast becoming the networking solution of choice within enterprises,” adds Steve Coad, Managing Director, Aruba Networks ANZ. “Organisations must embrace the needs of #GenMobile workers and draw on a mobility solution which embraces the next generation working standard, such as 802.11ac.

“Enterprises have little choice and must consider wireless connectivity issues such as functionality, density, hot spots, guest access and lots of other contributing factors.”

A provider of next-generation network access solutions for the mobile enterprise, Coad says Aruba designs and delivers Mobility-Defined Networks that empower IT departments, including the growing scale of #GenMobile workers.

“More businesses are looking at the wireless office concept as wired connectivity becomes obsolete,” Verbloot adds.

In a world where wired is the past and wireless is the future, when it comes to accommodating #GenMobile, Aruba are very much inthe present.

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