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EXCLUSIVE: We rank NZ distributors' 2015 revenue

By Sean Mitchell, 27 Aug 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Massive consolidation has occurred in the New Zealand IT distribution market over the past decade. Well known distributors including Renaissance, Tech Pacific, VAD, Datastor and Vantex are all brands of the past, with some becoming part of global giants and others just disappearing entirely.

In addition to the acquisitions, the big are definitely getting bigger while the niche players are struggling to get enough critical mass.

By critical mass we refer to is the revenue per employee, which varies from just under $700,000 NZD all the way up to over $3 million per NZ based employee.

Distributors like Ingram Micro that once were only seen as volume distributors have entered more specialist spaces and represent some very niche brands.

Together these 17 distributors represent well over $1.4 billion in NZD turnover.

Out of the top 17 we are reporting on, 59% are foreign owned – by revenue that means foreign owned distributors are garnering 73% of total revenue.

Seven of the 16 are privately owned businesses and it's difficult for us to get exact revenue for those businesses.

All distributors have been approached and asked to validate the numbers. Almost all have updated and confirmed the numbers.

Distributor NZ Revenue NZ Staff Count
Ingram Micro $562m 300
Exeed $220m 80
Westcon $152m 100
Dicker Data (was Express Data) $149m 60
Synnex $115m 60
Dove Electronics $70m 60
Sektor Distribution $40m 35
Hills (was Lan 1) $38m 20
Connector Systems $25m 22
Distribution Central $22m 8
Snappernet $14m 12
Soft Solutions $12m 18
Arrow (was Observatory Crest) $10m 4
Duo $10m 8
Avnet $10m 4
Rhipe (was Newlease) $7m 2
Exclusive Networks (was Whitegold) $2m 2

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