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Fujitsu unveils 14 new models of enterprise notebooks, tablets and workstations optimised for remote working
Thu, 28th May 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Fujitsu has unveiled 14 new models of enterprise notebooks, tablets and workstations optimised for remote working as the company looks to tap into the new ways people are working.

 The company has launched nine models of Fujitsu Notebook LIFEBOOK, four models of Fujitsu Tablet ARROWS Tab (Windows tablet), and a model of Fujitsu Workstation CELSIUS, all featuring the latest CPUs and the latest OS version.

By expanding its lineup of superior mobile products, the Fujitsu Group says it will continue to support such initiatives as remote work, as part of the customers' workstyle transformation.

Main Features of the New Products

1. LIFEBOOK U Series: Mobile PC offering various models for customers according to their needs

The 13.3 inch LIFEBOOK U7310/D, 14.0 inch LIFEBOOK U7410/D and 15.6 inch LIFEBOOK U7510/D models are easy to maintain with replacable batteries. They also have common port replicators, enabling free address office and other settings possible with mobile PCs.

Webcams are also equipped with a new privacy camera shutter function that physically covers the camera lens, preventing unauthorized hacking and access, while reducing the psychological burden on users. For ultra-lightweight 13.3 inch mobile PCs, Fujitsu will offer LIFEBOOK U9310/D, and the convertible LIFEBOOK U9310X/D featuring a 360 degree LCD screen and pen input.

All of the five LIFEBOOK U series models offered at this time are equipped with the latest OS Windows 10 November Update and the latest 10th generation Intel CPU. In addition to the models with conventional security functions, users can also select the Secured-core PC model(2) equipped with the protection function preventing unauthorized external access to BIOS and firmware. The models in this series also support Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax), the latest high-speed wireless LAN standard.

2. LIFEBOOK E/A series: Large screen laptop convenient for the office and remote work

With the big screen and scalability necessary for office work, LIFEBOOK E/A series offers a 14.0 inch LIFEBOOK E5410/D, as well as 15.6 inch models LIFEBOOK E5510/D, LIFEBOOK A7510/D and LIFEBOOK A5510/D. All four models feature the latest 10th generation Intel CPUs, maximum memory capacity of 64 GB, scalability of up to 512 GB encrypted flash memory (SSD), and support the latest high-speed wirelss LAN standard, Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax). In addition, a removable privacy filter is available as an option to prevent information leakage due to third party snooping.

3. ARROWS Tab Q Series: Windows tablet for more efficient education

Windows tablets ARROWS Tab Q series offer educational models, 13.3 inch ARROWS Tab Q7310/DE and 10.1 inch ARROWS Tab Q5010/DE, which are drip-proof(3) and prevent water droplets from entering the tablet. Both are equipped with the latest CPU as well as a QR code reader application, Function Manager-QR Code Reader(4), which can read QR codes from textbooks and use pre-installed video and audio materials. For enterprise customers, customers will also offer models including 13.3 inch ARROWS Tab Q7310/DB and 10.1 inch ARROWS Tab Q5010/DB.

(1) Installed with the latest OS version Windows 10 May 2019 Update is installed on CELSIUS M7010.
(2) Secured-core PC model A PC with a high level of security that meets the requirements of Microsoft's Secured core PC.
(3) Waterproof This function is equivalent to IPX2 (drip-proof type II).
(4) Function Manager-QR Code Reader A proprietary application developed by Fujitsu Client Computing Limited. The QR code supported by this application is QR Code Model 2. Auto-reversing code, front/back reversing code, connecting code and bar code cannot be scanned. Dirty or distorted QR code may not be scanned. Also, QR codes may not be scanned in dark places.