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Hands-on review: JBL Quantum Stream microphone
Wed, 21st Sep 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

A few months ago JBL launched the JBL Quantum Stream, a Dual pattern premium USB microphone for gamers, streamers and podcasters.

Thanks to a high sampling rate of 96kHz and a dual 14mm condenser, the JBL Quantum Stream will take your games, streams and lectures to the next level. 

It guarantees consistently clear sound without any background noise and will give you the ultimate vocal experience for any project you find yourself undertaking

In the box

This JBL microphone comes in an attractive box with visuals showing the product and how to use it.

Inside, you will find the JBL Quantum Stream microphone with its stand, a USB power cable, a warranty/warning and a quick start guide all carefully packaged and ready to go.

The design 

The JBL Quantum Stream has been designed with an aluminium stand, a metal ring and iron finishes to mix style and practicality. 

It is compact enough to take anywhere without being too small, and the LED  outline underneath adds a cool little extra touch.

JBL has designed a genuinely lightweight microphone with the stand being the only thing that separates it from the ground. 

The features

There are two selectable voice pick-up patterns: you can choose if you want to capture only one voice from a cardioid mic or more than one with an omnidirectional mic.

You can change this pattern at any time and in a straightforward way, just holding the volume knob for two seconds; then, a light will show you which mode is currently selected. 

If there is a white LED, the cardioid mode is active; if there is a green LED, the omnidirectional mode is active.

You can also set the mic gain by pressing the volume knob and turning it, and an RGB light ring can show you the actual volume level.

You can mute the microphone at any time by pressing the tactile "crossed out microphone" icon on the top of the microphone. 

The light's colours will change depending on whether you are mute or not,  so you will always know when you will be heard. For example, if the light is green at the beginning, it will change to red when the Quantum Stream has not been activated anymore. Colours can also be changed afterwards.

In terms of the mounting of the JBL Quantum Stream, you can do it however you want to suit any space or situation. For example, you can move the microphone 360 degrees and choose between three adjustment options.

You can quickly remove it from its stand and connect it to your existing setup by attaching it to an arm. 

It can be screwed onto a pole or tripod, and attached to a shock mount designed for microphones.

Overall, JBL has created an affordable and accessible product for everyone needing a device for spoken-word recording or streaming functionality.