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Hands-on review: Journey ALTI Wireless Charging Reversible Desk Mat
Fri, 20th Oct 2023

When it comes to charging smartphones, many people use micro USB cables to charge their devices. It wasn’t just smartphones because the old Xbox One and PS4 controllers used micro USB connections, too. 
In recent times, though, things have changed as many others now use USB-C connections. USB-C is superior because it can charge your devices faster than ever before. Modern smartphones, PS5, and Xbox Series X controllers now all use USB-C connections. 
However, there is now an even newer method smartphones can use to get charged. Modern smartphones can now be charged wirelessly thanks to a compatible charging mat. This is where the Journey ALTI Wireless Charging Reversible Desk Mat comes in. 

When this wireless charging mat arrived at my house for review, I initially thought it didn’t work! I own three Samsung smartphones from 2019 onward, and none of them worked on the charging mat. When the wireless mat was plugged in and I put my phone on it, a red light glowed, indicating it wasn’t working. 

I still live with my family, and none of their smartphones were charging either. Mind you, all of our smartphones cost $400 or less, but the instructions didn’t indicate why our smartphones weren’t charging. 

It wasn’t until I borrowed a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 that I finally got the wireless charging mat to work! When I plugged in the wireless charging mat, I placed the Galaxy Z Fold5 on it, which charged like magic. The phone was charging wirelessly like it should be. 

With this in mind, you have to use a phone that can charge wirelessly in order to use this device. On the official website, it says the charging mat is compatible with iPhone 12, 13, 14, and 15. As for Android devices, it just says “wireless charging models”. 

Since the Galaxy Z Fold5 costs nearly $2000, this tells me that this wireless charging mat only works on very expensive phones. Not to mention, the charging mat also charges Airpods and other wireless earbuds from other companies. 

The wireless mat can also just charge one phone and one pair of earbuds at one time. I originally thought the mat would have been able to charge more than one device at a time, but sadly, you cannot. 

The reversible mat that it comes with isn’t a charger of any kind. It’s just a desk mat you can use to put your keyboard and mouse on top of. In all honesty, I didn’t really use the mat much in my household because I only own laptops. Only the charging strip was useful, in my opinion. 

The Journey ALTI Wireless Charging Reversible Desk Mat isn’t cheap either. If you live in New Zealand, the official website prices the device at $189.99 NZD. It’s a nice device to own; however, I don’t think it’s something I would have bought for myself. 

While the Journey ALTI Wireless Charging Reversible Desk Mat is a neat device, I don’t think it’s useful for everyone on the planet. The price is quite expensive, and you also need an expensive phone for it to work. I would only recommend this to people who don’t like to use cables that might get worn out.