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How can you optimise your online advertising campaign?

By Sean Mitchell, Wed 4 Aug 2021

Since Techday moved entirely digital in February 2015, our focus has shifted from more brand-focused advertising in print to much more return on investment-focused online advertising.

Here are some of our key tips to get the best out of your online advertising campaigns.

Note: You may need to refer to our jargon explanation story to fully understand some of the terms below.

Animated or not It might cost a little more for your designer to create animated Flash or GIF files for your advert, but it’s well worth it.

We’ve seen the same campaign get three times the results for its animated material over the same campaign’s flat-file material.

The important thing is to make sure that the call to action (CTA) is showing, no matter what phase of the animation it's in.

This will help customers know where to click. 

A & B Testing Techday uses Google DoubleClick for Publishers to deliver and track our client advertising.

When you provide your advertising material, you can provide multiple versions of the same material, and our systems will optimise the campaign by running all of the material for the initial stages of the promotion, then swapping to showing exclusively the material that is getting the best CTR after that.

Why not try having two versions of your advert? For example, one with a blue button and one with a red or different wording on a few variations of the same advert. Allowing our system to optimise your campaign can really make a big difference to its performance.

Note: We can also evenly display different materials if you’d prefer to just simply rotate through your material without optimisation.

Call to action Another one of the lead causes of a high CTR is including a button/call to action to the design.

Examples of these are:     •    Find out more     •    Click here     •    Register now     •    Buy now

Some international research found that it’s better to make a click 'non-threatening' by avoiding terms such as “Buy Now” and instead to focus on soothing words like "More information". You could also add “No obligation” or other non-threatening terms to your material to attract interest from more undecided readers.

Can your call to action be on each slide of the animation? Maybe the reader won’t wait and see each slide of your material. Offer them the chance to click early instead of waiting.

On a Skyscraper ad, could your call to action button be at the top for those that don’t fully scroll down?

A border Don’t let your advert get lost on our website; make sure you’ve got a 1-pixel contrasting border around the outside of the advert. Black works well, but don’t let that restrict you. Obviously, no border is needed if your advert is a solid non-white background colour.

Target market One of the absolute keys of online advertising is relevance. The more relevant your message, the higher the chance of a click it has. This is why Techday breaks its online presence into multiple unique and quite niche websites. This will always get a better CTR than a scattergun approach with a national newspaper, for instance.

As an example, perhaps you're considering giving away an iPhone in an attempt to attract small business owners. Instead, maybe you should be giving away four hours of expert accounting consultancy or something that wouldn’t be of interest to those not in your target market. Giveaways can be a great way to restrict your audience to only those interested in a specific incentive.

Change your material at least monthly New material in its first two to three weeks of running gets the best CTR. It’s a natural bell curve with results dropping off in the 4th and 5th weeks. We suggest clients change their material monthly to maximise results. It costs nothing extra for you to supply a change of material part way through a campaign with Techday.

Call Techday's team of Digital Account Managers for an obligation free quote for editorial integration and/or advertising. Our team is well trained on how to get the best return on your marketing investment.

With many unique tech news websites within our Techday network, we've got a perfectly targeted site for your next campaign.

If you have any additional questions, we would be happy to assist, contact your digital account manager or contact us here.

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