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Ingram Micro puts focus into Fortinet partnership

20 Aug 2013

Ingram Micro and Fortinet have combined to offer a full range of FortiGate consolidated security platforms, aimed at delivering unmatched performance and protection while simplifying your client’s network.

From small offices to large enterprises, service providers and carriers, the Ingram Micro Solutions - Security Team can help you specify and deliver the most appropriate FortiGate model to satisfy any deployment requirement.

“We have the people and products in place to help you secure your client’s networks,” says Andrew Khan, who has been supporting the Fortinet brand at Ingram Micro for over five years.

“Network security is one of the most pressing issues facing network managers and we have the exact solutions that provide complete protection from any number of threats and risks.”

Khan says security awareness and Fortinet have grown hand-in-hand, especially in the last two years, and as threat levels increase, demand grows.

"And we have responded," he says. "We have a top team in place and we’ll be adding more resource in the immediate future.

"In particular, my personal relationships with the team at Fortinet, as well as my network of contacts within the channel, means that you have direct access to the very best in network security.

"At Ingram Micro we have invested heavily in the Fortinet brand so that you, and your clients, can be assured of unrivalled protection, now and in the future.”


Proper configuration will help your clients maximise the benefits of their Fortinet investment.

Similarly, understanding how and where Fortinet solutions can add seamless security to networks is essential for resellers, with both topics the focus of Fortinet training.

“Regardless of your training requirements,” says David Hills. "We can help.

"Whether you need one-on-one advanced training for users, general sales training for your staff or certifications for your technical team, we have the processes in place.

"Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.”

Pre and post-sales support

Ingram Micro's Pre Sales Architect Richard Shipman says the company is simply here to "help you sell more Fortinet gear."

“The sooner you bring us into a sales situation, the more value we can add to the process," he says.

"We can assist with model specifications and suggest configurations or simply help define the issues to fast track your client’s purchase cycle.

"And once the appliance has been installed, we can offer post-sales support if indeed you need any special assistance.

"The beauty of Fortinet is that the FortiOS security operating system is similar across all platforms so once you’ve installed a couple of FortiGate appliances you can progress with confidence.”

Fast delivery / immediate replacements

“We carry a significant stock of FortiGate appliances - especially in the more popular FG-60D and FG-90D models as well as the new FG-100D series,” says Francois LaRoux, product manager, Fortinet.

“We can typically ship orders within an hour. And, if there are any issues what-so-ever with performance, we can ship forward or advanced replacements as a warranty service.

"Security is too important to risk any downtime. With our extensive stock holdings, RMA policies and trained staff, we can help you minimise any delays at all in delivering the power of Fortinet appliances to your clients.”

BYOD? No problem

Securing your client’s mobile devices - from laptops to smartphones - is second nature for FortiGate appliance users.

Indeed, all new FortiGate models include unrivalled support for BYOD deployments.

Last year BYOD was a worry but this year it is just another market-leading feature in the Fortinet value-proposition.

Wireless networking - Secured by Fortinet

Wired or wireless, Fortinet has your client’s networks covered. The SMB appliances, such as the FG-60D and FG-90D, include protection for access points while the larger appliances, like the new FG-100D, provides onboard storage for WAN optimisation and visibility along with an integrated WiFi and switch controller.

For more information contact the Networking Quote Desk - or 09 414 0652

The IM Solutions / Fortinet Team

Andrew Khan Senior Business Manager 09 414 0104 / 021 819 793

David Hills Solutions Architect / Certified Fortinet Trainer 09 414 0614 / 021 245 0437

Richard Shipman Pre Sales Architect 09 414 9346 / 021 241 6946

Francois Le Roux Product Manager - Fortinet 09 414 9338 / 021 870 632