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Ingram Micro system launch moved to March 1st

27 Jan 2010

Ingram Micro has pushed its new website and system launch back a month in order to have it fully operational on launch day. As previously reported by The Channel, the launch was initially scheduled for February 1st, but has been moved in order to ensure that the company has enough time to get it fully up-and-running. “I would say that we’re frustratingly close to being ready,” said Gary Bigwood, Managing Director for Ingram Micro.He added: “We could have gone live on Monday, but we’ve still got a couple of loose ends and we’ve just run out of time to get everything sorted, so the focus is on making sure it is right on day one and that our customers and our vendors and our staff can count on it being right.” Bigwood said that one of the main benefits for resellers will be the new website, which will contain new features. The current website has scored well in customer surveys and gets a large number of hits, but the new website will allow the company to add on functionality that the company feels it needs. “As we look around at the Ingram Micro world, there’s so many other things that we should be doing and we can’t get access to them until we change onto this new platform,” he said. “There’s a whole bunch of things the [new] website can do that we just can’t do today.” The change is not expected to interrupt any services to customers, including shipping, and is expected to be fully functional on its March 1st launch date.