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Intel goes All Out on ultra mobile devices

22 Jul 2013

Intel's new priority is to dominate the ultra-mobile market segment following a slow adaptation to the industry.

Speaking after the company reported quarterly sales declines during Q2 from the same period last year, new CEO Paul Krzanich revealed the chip giant is in the midst of a strategic overhaul.

"We've not always lived up to the standard we set for ourselves," said Krzanich, in a conference call to investors.

"Intel was slow to adapt to the ultra-mobile device market.

"We're moving into a new era with an updated list of priorities.

"Intel has unmatched assets in manufacturing and processor architecture and a great brand.

"There will always be another next big thing and it's our job to continuously scan for new trends."

Intel reported Q2 revenue of US$12.8bn, with an operating income of $2.7bn and a net income of $2bn - showing a small revenue gain from last year despite disappointing sales figures.

Looking ahead however, Krzanich insisted the market will continue buying a wide range of computing products, saying:

"Intel Atom and Core processors and increased SOC integration will be Intel's future. We will leave no computing opportunity untapped.

"To embrace these opportunities, I've made it Intel's highest priority to create the best products for the fast growing ultra-mobile market segment."

Krzanich, who has remained cautious on growing rumours on the company will head into the Web TV subscription market, told investors Intel delivered on their quarterly outlook, making several key product announcements along the way.

"In my first two months as CEO, I have listened to a wide variety of views about Intel and our industry from customers, employees and my leadership team and I am more confident than ever about our opportunity as a company," he said.

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