21 Aug 2013
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Inviting all Auckland entrepreneurs...

Founder, CEO and Trustee of Wiki New Zealand, Lillian Grace has been confirmed as the August Guest Speaker at AucklandICT, and Auckland-based entrepreneurs are invited.

Scheduled at NTEC Auckland on August 22, Grace heads a collaborative website making data about New Zealand visually accessible to everyone.

Wiki New Zealand site presents data in simple, visual form only, so that it remains as unbiased and as accessible to everyone as possible.

The content is easy to understand and digest, and is presented from multiple angles, wide contexts and over time, inviting users to compare, contrast and interpret.

A speaker at TEDx Auckland 2013, Grace became aware of some of the challenges we face as a country in her previous role at The New Zealand Institute, believing that to get the best outcomes we need to make informed decisions in all areas and at all levels, and that the process needs to start with understanding the facts before we connect them to our values.

Tickets cost $25, with registrations available through Eventbrite

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