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Kiwi tide turns to Android and Windows tablets

27 Jun 2013

The ANZ tablets market continued to register phenomenal growth of 147% during the first quarter of 2013, contributed by a jump in demand of smaller, cheaper Android tablets, as well as Windows tablets.

With Kiwis head of the queue, IDC says consumers are now preferring low-cost tablets, seemingly moving away from Apple purchases in favour of new emerging models.

"Users now have better access to a wide range of low to high-end tablets as well as different operating systems compared to last year," says Suzanne Tai, Associate Market analyst, IDC ANZ Infrastructure Research Group.

"In 2012, an user would usually choose between an Apple iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tab but now, a year later, brands like ASUS, Acer, and Microsoft would also appear on the user’s radar.

"Whitebox tablets have picked up significantly as well, driven with heavy promotions by retailers such as Aldi, Harvey Norman, K-Mart and Warehouse Stationary.

"Android is growing its foothold in the marketplace, thanks to Samsung's aggressiveness with promotions and channel strategies, as well as the influx of whitebox tablets.

"Additionally, Windows tablets are also gaining traction with entry of new models, pilot rollouts and implementations in commercial sector especially in education."

Tai expects the ANZ tablets market to grow 46% in 2013 over 2012 due to the introduction of new tablets, increasing commercial uptake of tablets, increasing demand as a result of price drops and lastly, PC cannibalisation.

In 2013, IDC expects to see increasing uptake of Windows and Android tablets stealing market share from iOS tablets.

"We will see more price competition within the tablets market especially with PC giants such as HP, ASUS and Acer introducing new cheap Android tablets to compete with the whitebox market," Tai says.

"And let’s not forget the entry of Microsoft Surface Pro into the ANZ market in May 2013. This is bound to spark fierce battles among tablet vendors."

ANZ Tablets Operating System Market Share 2013:

  • Android 36%
  • iOS 56%
  • Windows 8%
  • Others 0%
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