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Kiwi trainer throwing virtualisation party

23 Sep 2011

A kiwi virtualisation trainer is organising a party to coincide with the vForum event being held next month, taking inspiration from legendary conference warm-up party, VMUnderground.

Sponsored by software developers Veeam, the event, VMDownUnderground, follows in the footsteps of the party which precedes the annual VMworld conference, as well as the more free-form vBeers movement.

Event organiser, Alastair Cooke, has been the kiwi proponent of vBeers, a trend started in England to facilitate get-togethers for virtualisation enthusiasts. 

"Through my training work and the contact I had with students I felt there was a need for virtualisation guys to be able to get in touch with each other,” Cooke says.

With the assistance of Veeam, Cooke is hoping to boost VMDownUnderground to the ‘level of awesome’ of its northern counterpart.

A Bay of Plenty resident, Cooke is also involved with the APAC Virtualisation Podcast

VMDownUnderground will be held on October 18 at The Pumphouse in Sydney's Darling Harbour.

Go here to check out Cooke’s blog, or here to register for the event.