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Lacklands snaps up Nikon and Lowepro

The title for New Zealand’s leading imaging supplier could go to Lacklands LP with two leading photographic supply companies adding to their already extensive portfolio.

Nikon has just recently announced they will be joining forces with Lacklands. The supplier will be responsible for the promotion, sales and distribution of Nikon products within New Zealand. Focusing on imaging and sport optic products, Lacklands will work with Nikon to bring these to the masses.

James Murray, General Manager Sales and Marketing Nikon Australia said he was “delighted” to be working with Lacklands as they move forward. “Lacklands has a proven track record not just distributing leading brands, but building those brands with fresh ideas and executing results through their retail partnerships,” he said.

The phrase “one stop shop” could be used to describe Lacklands, with Nikon adding to their portfolio of world leading brands. This firmly establishes the company as a key partner for overseas principals and NZ retailers.

And this isn’t the only exciting development for Lacklands - the company has also become the exclusive distributor for Lowepro in New Zealand.

Lowepro is the number one branded camera bag in the world. A 20 year partnership with T.A. Macalister came to an end on September 30 and Lacklands will take up the mantle. With Macalister, New Zealand had the highest sales of Lowepro bags in the world per person, and with Lacklands this could continue to increase.

“For consumers, we expect the benefits of two regional companies working more closely together, to improve availability and value, as well as present a more current offering than has been the case in the recent past. New Zealand consumers are entitled to having the latest innovations available for local consumption at globally competitive prices. That’s what we’re setting out to do,” said John Swainston, the Senior VP for distributor markets at DayMen.