14 Oct 2020
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Lancom Technology acquires Auckland-based MSP Connect 2

LancomTechnology is pushing further into the ‘midsection’ of New Zealand’s managed services market, facilitated by its acquisition of Parnell-based firm Connect 2.

Lancom Technology announced the acquisition of Connect 2 for an undisclosed amount - its third acquisition in 18 months.

Lancom chief Waruna Kirimetiyawa says that Connect 2 has operated for more than 25 years.

“With a diverse customer base, they decided the time is right for these customers to further leverage their technology investments through the services of a larger organisation. The focus now is on integrating the new client base and introducing our wider range of services, which includes software development, cloud services and data & insights.”

Lancom Technology is ‘hungry’ for growth and plans to continue its search for further acquisitions - particularly managed service providers that aim to be part of a larger company.

“We have a particular interest in managed service providers based in New Zealand, but having opened in Australia in June, we would also look across the Tasman,” says Kirimetiyawa.

In September the company announced the appointment of technology entrepreneur Dan Williams as a non-executive director for its Australian business, just one month after opening its new office in Melbourne.

“We’re seeing distinct demand particularly in the rollout of cloud services and solutions and application modernisation. Organisations today are under no illusions that the cloud is the way forward, and in Victoria, that’s been driven home hard by the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic,” says Williams.

“It’s worth noting that Lancom Technology already has some capacity along with a proven track record of delivery out of Auckland. The company is recognised as a successful operator in the local market, having worked with the likes of Barwon Health and Hertz over the course of several years. Now, the process is underway to build organically.”

In August, Kirimetiyawa stated that Lancom’s 2020 growth expectations would be around 20-30%. 

We’ve made several acquisitions in New Zealand which have substantially expanded our customer book and our presence in Australia is expected to steadily grow our exposure to clients looking for cloud infrastructure, applications and processes, application modernisation and custom software development.”

“By focusing on delivering value from day one and by solving the most pressing challenges for our customers, our growth ambitions can be met. Yes, the pandemic brings with it serious economic challenges, but we’ve always believed in the power of technology to create leverage. Leverage that yields proven results and exceptional advantage for our clients,” he concludes.

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