07 Apr 2015
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Let Windows 8.1 Pro touch devices enable business productivity

Ingram Micro wants you to get the most from selling Windows 8.1 Pro. We think it is the best business operating system Microsoft or anyone else ever created and we’ve got incentives to help you maximise its potential.

The OS directly addresses the problems businesses face in today’s modern world and it is optimised for touch computing, which is the key to an efficient, modern, mobile workforce.

Trusted boot, device encryption, Bitlocker and improved fingerprint log-in support means Windows 8.1 Pro gives businesses the protection they need. Windows Defender adds an essential first line of defence against malware and spam.

Windows 8.1 Pro means faster boot times, better performance, direct connection to Microsoft OneDrive cloud services and improved collaboration.

Because Windows 8.1 Pro offers a consistent experience across a wide range of devices, users can work the same, familiar way whether they use a tablet, a hybrid, a convertible, notebook or desktop.

Windows 8.1 Pro is touch-enabled. That means your customers can get the benefit of lighter, more compact devices with longer battery life. This, in turn, helps workers become more mobile and flexible. Touch also makes devices more affordable. They are often more powerful than what went before.

While your customers will get an instant productivity boost from moving to the new operating system, they’ll see even greater benefits if they invest in new touch screen devices at the same time.

Touch computing devices come in a variety of sizes and formats. Your customers have a wide range of options. Ingram Micro has all those bases covered with Windows 8.1 Pro devices from the leading brands: Toshiba, Lenovo and HP. We can supply you with the best devices geared to your customers’ needs.

Microsoft run a Reseller Rebate Incentives Programme called TouchWins where resellers who purchase 100 Windows 8.1 Pro touch screen devices from Ingram Micro can earn up to $3.50 USD per device.

Those who purchase 500 Windows 8.1 Pro touch screen devices can earn up to $7USD per device. In addition, during April and May Ingram Micro is offering a Nokia Lumia 930 smartphone to reseller orders of 20 devices and a Surface Pro 3 for reseller orders of 50 devices. This is limited to one per reseller head office. See here for full terms and conditions.

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