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Maclean Computing 'frustrated' by conspiracy theories

Maclean says the theories have been ‘very frustrating’. Maclean and business partner Matthew Bellingham entered into an agreement to purchase the assets of Maclean Computing shortly after the liquidation was commenced. The move has prompted criticism from some in the industry with questions raised about the speed of the agreement.

However, Maclean says liquidation was the last thing management had wanted and the deal makes the best of a bad situation.

“The business went through a very tough period, but had turned around and was working its way out of it,” he says.

Maclean says management had hoped to carry on working through it or, as plan B, to refinance the business with a new lender. “Plan C was to purchase from a liquidator or receiver should the worst happen and we lose the bank’s support before we could execute on plans A or B.

“We would have far rather avoided the liquidation, and the senior management team did everything we could to do so. It has been a very difficult process with far more risk than I would have liked to take, given the choice,” he says.

“Given where we are now, we aim to make the most of it to the benefit of our loyal employees, customers and suppliers. We have a team of resilient and engaged employees, a solid strategy and a good pipeline of new products to bring to market.”