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Microsoft focuses on new ways to monetise customer

08 Dec 2014

At the Credit Suisse Technology Conference, Kevin Turner, Microsoft, chief operating officer, says Microsoft is making a number of changes to be faster, more agile and provide more to customers.

Strategic partnerships with IBM, Salesforce, Dropbox, Oracle, Cisco and more help Microsoft to remain competitive, Turner says, providing freedom of choice to customers and allowing them to ‘vote by what they buy’.

He says Microsoft has a renewed sense of financial rigor and are focusing on profitability and making healthy plans.

“We’ve got to continue to perform and take care of our customers and take care of partners in the marketplace,” says Turner.

Turner talked about Microsoft’s new products, including Windows 10, available 2015.

He says Windows 10 is a good opportunity to get across the dual users in the marketplace.

As it allows users to have one platform for drivers and apps, it will suit the enterprise customer, says Turner.

“This opportunity that we have for Windows 10 is huge by leveraging the entire ecosystem, we’re delivering on this promise with this OS,” he says.

He says Windows 10 will ‘reinvigorate the entire Windows ecosystem’.

Turner says it will not be a loss leader, and Microsoft is finding new ways to monetise the lifetime of the customer.

He mentioned services as a possible way to monetise, indicating Microsoft could encourage bundle deals with subscription services such as Office 365.

He says, “There are additional opportunities for us to bring additional services to the product and do it in a creative way.”