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Microsoft slashes Surface RT pricing

15 Jul 2013

Microsoft has reduced prices on its Surface RT tablets by as much as 30%, in a bid to boost poor sales and shift existing stock.

The software company's entry-level 32GB model has been reduced from US$499 to $349, while the 64GB model is now selling at $499, at a $150 reduction (25%).

Microsoft, which last week confirmed news that the Surface Pro will be made available in New Zealand, sold around 1.5 Surface devices by March this year, with over a million of the Surface RT version.

But despite rally cries from CEO Steve Ballmer, issuing a "One Microsoft" philosophy going forward, the company has still come in for criticism with regards to the Surface RT - from long-time pro-Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrot.

"With retailers suddenly dropping the price of Surface RT dramatically over the weekend, some are wondering if this is the time to take the plunge," Thurrot wrote.

"Folks, put away your credit cards: Surface RT isn’t a good deal at any price.

"The issue here is simple. Windows RT is the first-generation version of a new kind of Windows that is completely incompatible with the Windows desktop applications you actually use and much of the hardware peripherals you already own.

"And Surface RT, based as it is on current generation ARM hardware that was designed for smart phones and media tablets, is simply too underpowered to provide a satisfactory experience."

Signing off with an apology, Thurrot dismissed RT defenders with a simple "You’re wrong about Surface RT" line, finishing with one last dig at the product.

"It’s 2013, and this thing was built last year using components that were obsolete before it even hit the market," he wrote.

"Do not fall for this Crazy Eddie pricing. You will only be disappointed."

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