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Motion tablets on a winning path in NZ

"The range of Motion tablets are really making some fantastic wins locally”, says Vaughan Nankivell, Simms International's General Manager Corporate and Enterprise.

Today the local distributor told The Channel that the next generation CL900 tablets from Motion would arrive by the end of this month (May 2011). Unfortunately those wanting to get their hands on the new tablets will likely be out of luck with the first shipment already sold out.

The new model has been hotly anticipated but often misunderstood. The misunderstanding stems from confusion that it is just an iPad competitor, while Nankivell sees the tablets as a business tool for those with rugged requirements, or for the full Windows 7 environment.

Sales of Motion tablets by Simms have been through channel partners, into industries like healthcare and those working outdoors. The channel partners have often included ISVs that fit the tablets with internally developed specialist software.

The verticals that Motion tablets seem to be succeeding in were previously the realm of Panasonic Toughbooks.