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NetApp distribution under review...

NetApp is reviewing its New Zealand distribution, or as the storage and data management company puts it 'looking to understand how distributors might best align with its plans in the Australian and New Zealand markets for FY15'.

Distribution Central currently has exclusive distribution in New Zealand, a deal which came into effect in September 2012.

Last November, Nick Verykios, Distribution Central managing director, told Techday the NetApp exclusive distribution had been instrumental in growing the distributor's Kiwi business.

“It was a significant contributor [for FY13] and I'm particularly pleased with our first quarter this financial year – it's showing that NetApp should be over half our business,” Verykios said at the time.

Speaking today, Verykios says the  relationship with NetApp is 'substantial' and the partnership has significantly benefited the current NetApp reseller channel here.

“Our desire to continue to invest in NetApp remains unaltered and we look forward to working with our vendor to explore new product and market opportunities while enhancing the current business at hand with our reseller partners.”

Neville James, NetApp general manager ANZ channels and enablement, says NetApp's existing distribution relationship with Distribution Central remains strong and continues to be 'an integral part' of their channel strategy across ANZ.

“The current business environment is changing very quickly and shaping how NetApp operates both locally and on a global scale,” James says.

“With this in mind, now is an important time to review how we go to market, especially as it relates to distribution.

“Our existing channel partners can continue to expect the high level of service and support they have previously enjoyed from Distribution Central.”

He says he's looking forward to meeting distributors 'and learning what innovative ideas they may have on how to jointly tackle the evolving IT landscape'.

Verykios says Distribution Central 'is approaching the review  process with a view of growth in our NetApp business'.

“We have no sense of entitlement whatsoever.

“What I know from doing this relatively successfully for over 20 years is we have to compete for every dollar, every day we are in business, and to do this we have to make sure the value we provide is something our vendors and our customers just can't do without.”