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Observatory Crest double deal expands portfolio

19 Sep 2012

Observatory Crest has bolstered its security line-up after signing a deal with Aerohive Networks and BlueCat Networks.

The value added distributor hopes the deal will expand their security portfolio with new network solutions that are user-friendly, scalable and help to reduce the IT costs of businesses staying connected.

The company has signed an exclusive agreement with BlueCat Networks to distribute its products across ANZ with Aerohive Networks for Australia.

Observatory Crest says the distribution agreement covers the full range of products including BlueCat Networks’ leading IP AddressManagement (IPAM) solutions which have been deployed in Global 2000 companies and government agencies.

Issues such as the decentralisation of the corporate office, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to work explosion and cloud computing were forcing businesses to re-evaluate their network’s access architecture according to Observatory Crest, who believe the vendor additions were proof of its commitment to help businesses meet the challenges of emerging trends and new technologies.

“A top priority for CIOs is maintaining the corporate network’s integrity while permitting access to staff regardless of location and the device used,” says Martin Christmas, Observatory Crest director.

“Businesses that lack the appropriate network infrastructure are at risk of limiting their potential for growth and having a negative impact on their employees’ job satisfaction levels.”

“Aerohive and BlueCat’s solutions not only address the security and management concerns but also help to enhance enterprise activity,and reduce the cost and complexity of today’s networks.”

The mobile explosion has also left businesses struggling to cope with the management of IP addresses, a unique numeric code assigned to each device connected to a network according to Christmas.

“Traditional methods of managing IP addresses such as spread sheets and home grown solutions can no longer meet today’s demands as they don’t scale well and lack functionality," he says.

“BlueCat Networks’ solutions are scalable, feature-rich and future-ready with out-of-the-box support for business critical IT initiatives such as IPv6.

"A secure,reliable network is essential for survival and BlueCat Networks’ products help businesses to stay connected through the automation of IP address management and core services.

"As a value added distributor ObservatoryCrest will distribute the Aerohive and BlueCat solutions, and provide specialist training and technical support to its resellers in Australia and New Zealand.”