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OPPO confirms Find X2 flagship to be unveiled Q1 2020

16 Dec 2019

OPPO have been keeping me busy, with a raft of developments, often being reported in extremely close succession. I did a little digging, and the speculators in the IT world report that they are working hard to fill the gaps left by Huawei being banned in some parts of the world.

Having reviewed one or two Huawei products, I can see a passing similarity, but in the same way I see parallels with many of the Android products available these days.

OPPO have been extremely clever with innovation centring around design and photography. I raved about their pop-up “selfie” cameras on their RENO models, and their sleekly sexy and colourful case designs.

By the end of Q1 2020, expect to see their next iteration with the X2 launch. It was only August when we revealed the very innovative “Waterfall” prototype screen. You can safely assume that the Find X2 will be a quantum step forward.

We know that it will be one of the first models to use the Snapdragon 865 processor from Qualcomm.

OPPO New Zealand’s managing director, Morgan Halim, predicts an exciting year for OPPO in 2020.

“Not only are we set to expand our portfolio of smart devices with products such as smart headphones and smart watches, we will also be launching our next-generation flagship smartphone," says Halim.

Halim and his enthusiastic team are doing a sterling job keeping up with the technological innovations, and as I mentioned in an earlier review, their efforts are being noted by some of New Zealand’s resellers.

I listened to some store managers chatting, and remarking on the excellent support they get, and at the time, none had had to return any faulty product. I’m currently using one of their models which you could describe as entry-level, apart from the fact that it has some brilliant pano-technology features built in. But I’m raving and digressing. Back to the Find X2.

From what I’ve gleaned about Qualcomm, expect some innovations in sound. I don’t have the technical understanding, but I do understand that what they are achieving is making “Surround Sound” seem like yesterday’s technology. Think noise reduction, filtering and what Qualcomm refer to as “contextual awareness.”

The release took place about a week ago, and we’re talking next-level gaming, sound and multi-gigabit 5G technology.

Frankly, I suspect that Q1 2020 won’t come quickly enough for me. I’m just about shorting out my laptop with all the salivating caused by me imagining myself reviewing the OPPO Find X2. Keep watching out for developments.

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