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01 Mar 2007

* PALM The Palm Treo 750v is more than a smartphone. It’s a smart opportunity.

Do your customers want the lot? With the Palm Treo 750v smartphone it’s theirs.

The new Palm Treo 750v combines phone, email, messaging, web and Windows Mobile1 with Palm enhancements in one easy-to-use device that makes it easier than ever to stay productive.1 Customers can receive email from multiple business or personal accounts.1 They can access the web right from where you’re standing on fast, 3G networks.3 They can use Microsoft® Office Mobile applications to review and edit business documents wherever they happen to be. Or relax and listen to music, play video clips, or shoot and send photos from the one device.

WHAT'S SO COOL? A smarter phone.* Palm® innovations deliver seamless operation and unprecedented ease on the Windows Mobile platform. * Dial by name, access contact information, or search the web1 right from the Today screen. Even dial by photo or use Voice Command in English.* Manage calls from one screen with centralised caller ID, speakerphone and conference calling. Stay on top of multiple voicemail accounts with a single set of intuitive, onscreen controls. * Add unique ringtones, photos or videos to your Contacts so you know who’s calling at a glance or by sound.

Email to go* Get out-of-box compatibility with Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 for push delivery of email, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks from your corporate Outlook account.2* Set up access to personal POP3 or IMAP accounts, including Gmail or Yahoo! 1* Access to other corporate email accounts is also available using third-party software, sold separately.* Quickly and easily compose email messages or edit documents with the integrated full QWERTY keyboard.

3G/UMTS* Get driving directions, stock quotes and weather on the go. * Tap a URL in any document or message to automatically launch Internet Explorer Mobile® with support for familiar controls like Back and Favourites.* Quickly download large attachments, photos and videos. Purchase music, games and productivity software over the air and use them straight away. 3* Use your Treo™ 750v smartphone as a wireless modem to extend 3G speeds to your laptop. 3,4* Send text and multimedia messages seamlessly. * Threaded, chat-style view lets you easily keep track of a conversation as it unfolds.* Take a photo and immediately attach it to a message without tedious navigation from the camera to the messaging application. 1

Rich multimedia * Use the 1.3 megapixel camera to take crisp, clear digital images and videos, then view them on the clear, bright screen. 5 * Carry your favourite music without carrying a separate device. Play MP3 files, as well as streaming audio and video1 files on the go. * 60MB of dedicated user storage gives you plenty of room for files. Optional miniSD expansion cards can hold gigabytes more data.

Customisable* Personalise your Treo™ 750v by adding optional software applications and hardware accessories to enhance your mobile experience. * Talk hands-free with a compatible Bluetooth® stereo headset.

1 Within mobile coverage area only. Email, web, and messaging require data services from service provider at an additional cost. ISP and/or VPN may also be required. 2 Direct Push Technology requires Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 with Service Pack 2.3 Within 3G/UMTS mobile data service coverage area only. Actual data speeds vary based on network capacity and application design. Additional charges may apply. Backwards compatible with EDGE and GPRS networks.4 Compatible devices must have Bluetooth wireless technology.5 Length of video contingent upon available memory.